Limited Edition Wearables, 10/10. 100% Cotton. Crafted with Care, Made in Mongolia. 

Paradigma is a cross-disciplinary limited edition series of wearables.
It explores the translation of visual artistic practice into the realm of the garment—the wearable.
In essence, Paradigma emphasizes the interconnectedness of these different realms: A painting, sculpture, and calligraphy—all are equally body-related and come together as a garment.
Hence Paradigma aims to merge and blur these distinct borders and provide a unique vision through the experience of art-wearables.
Symbols derived from the Writing Without Writing calligraphic practice are translated into large-scale textural embroideries on the back, chest and both sleeves.

      Photography by Joshua Hoogeboom-Noya

For purchase inquiries, contact
Ulaanbaatar / Amsterdam, 2023