The Garden of Alchemical Conversations

27 JUN- 03 JUL 2022, ZUUN ART Residency by Blue Sun Mongolian Contemporary Art Center, Zuunkharaa, MGL 

The Garden of Alchemical Conversations is a series of site-specific sculptural interventions at Spirt Bal Buram, a distillery in Zuunkharaa, Mongolia, and were conceived during the ZUUN Art Residency hosted by the Blue Sun Contemporary Art Center Mongolia.
The materials were all found on-site inside the industrial complex of the distillery, mostly trash, scrap, and discarded. They were given a new life as part of the sculpture garden.
The works enact an uncanny conversation of balance, tension, and matter—a transcendental monologue as well as dialogue with each other, and as well as the spectator.
The specific location of the concrete basin, formerly used to store excess water, now abandoned and overrun with wildflowers and plants, inevitably gave way to the idea of the sculpture garden. Its fundamental architecture itself gave rise to the affordance and urgency to work within that space. In other words, the concrete basin, its space as an entity itself became the material—hermetic, yet wildly leaky.