The Monument of the Chthulucene

04 - 07 AUG 2022, Spirit of Gobi: Sun of the Placid World, Omnogobi, MGL 

The Monument of the Chthulucene is a work that is everything but a monument—it is a thought, it is a process:
A chthulucenean critter crawling, where once spread an ancient ocean. Connecting and raising the Earth to the infinite Eternal Blue Sky, the chthulucenean critter channels wind and energy, like a sulde or antennae.
Like a creature emerging from an ancient, but yet-to-be realm, the vast horizon of the Mongolian desert is now its habitat, crawling towards the unknown, towards the inevitable—life on a damaged earth continues.

Writing without Writing performance, ink on felt

“Chthulucene is a simple word. It is a compound of two Greek roots (khthon and kainos) that together name a kind of timeplace for learning to stay with the trouble of living and dying in response-ability on a damaged earth. Kainos means now, a time of beginnings, a time for on-going, for freshness. Nothing in kainos must mean conventional pasts, presents, or futures. There is nothing in times of beginnings that insists on wiping out what has come before, or, indeed, wiping out what comes after.” - Donna J. Haraway