The Shamanic Gaze—An Investigation into Mongol Futurist Ways of Being

Edition of 36, self-published, 2020

The Shamanic Gaze—An Investigation into Mongol Futurist Ways of Being chronicles an irrevocable excavation of resilience in memory, suppressed culture and tradition, and its inherent relationality to artistic practices.
Experienced exposure and embodied resonance of a distant culture are the inevitable entry point to the vast history of Mongolia, the cosmological homeland and the decades of tragic political suppression of shamanism during the Soviet Socialist period. The figure of the shaman, the alchemist and the artist encounter each other with all their distinct differences yet striking overlapping parallels—embodied, experienced and expressed in my theory and practice—and in within the pages of this book.

The books were created and crafted as an edition of 36 hand-made books, each specimen is embroidered with calligraphic symbols on Mongolian torgo (silk), a 9-colour spectrum of the book-spine yarn, the spine was brushed across with ink before the stitch-binding process, rendering each book a unique specimen with its own unique character. The numerological context, of 36 books and 9 different colours, all point towards my deep-seated engagement with the number 108. Currently, 21 specimen are still available.