Nomin Zezegmaa is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher and writer working between the Netherlands, Mongolia and Germany.

Her theory and practice investigate interwoven histories and matter in relation to deep time and other-than-human realms, drawing from Mongol cosmogony. She operates as a mediator between states of being by exploring the innate and inter-connected nature, reality and soul of matter. This finds expression through sculpture, painting, drawing, calligraphy, film, performance, land art and site-specific installations which invoke an intangible bodily cognition. Through the dynamics of tactility, form and movement, visual as well as conceptual spheres are created and layered.

The interrelation of the microcosm and macrocosm are inherent indicators of the investigative processes, wherein semiotics, alchemy, environmentalism, the Chthulucene, language and writing intersect and inform each other. The deep-seated undercurrent of her work is concerned with what other ways of worlding can be rendered possible for tellurian multispecies coexistence.

—searching and following a stream of memories, until it forms an inevitable river, leading you along to either its source, or to a vast oceanic landscape, upon which you, as a microscopic, yet distant observer can see many loose threads and tie knots and their stories into a much larger, macrocosmic web of things.